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Robotic Milling

VVAT robot equipped with ATC (automatic toolchange) spindle. Ultimate possibilities with 6-DOF (degrees of freedom) enables reaching different spots and processing highly complex shapes. Suitable for various materials.

Material Handling, Pick and Place

Automating repetitive tasks in manufacturing and boosting efficiency in the process. Possible applications are numerous: machine tending, packing, palletizing, handling various material in manufacturing process, etc. 

3D Printing

Print large format sculptures and frames with industrial robots. VVAT robots are even capable to use recycled plastics making it eco-friendly to the environment.

Robotic Welding

By using advanced software and approach, VVAT robots can achieve smooth arc welds. Ideal for serial production of welded parts.

Polishing and Painting

Post-processing of material after CNC machine processing or manufacturing process is almost essential. Automating these tasks is a great way to boost production efficiency. 

Robotic Cutting and Grinding

Robots equipped with laser cutter technology or grinder for robots are ideal for executing multi-axis complex cuts that are highly challenging or impossible with standard techniques or CNCs. 

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