01 | The Beginnings

Dizart has been producing CNC machines intended for different application for the past 17 years. Started from the home garage, then transforming into bigger company in the following years.

The first CNC router product left our shop in 2005, the first CO2 laser in 2010, the first 3D printer in 2011, the first plasma machine in 2014, and the first laser-cutter for metal in 2015. Our client base has been steadily growing throughout our company history.

In 2018 Dizart started providing a free training course for CNC operators/programmers with the support of Sarajevo Municipality Novi Grad. The company is accredited by Ministry of Education for this purpose. Until now, there are over 150 students that successfully finished our course and got our certificate. Results we have are not necessarily numbers, but the quality we produce from these students. That's our number one priority, and providing these kind of people to the market which is in deficit for them.


02 | Currently

By the end of 2019, there was an initiative to create a new company that will separate CNC manufacturing from CNC education. Together with partners VVAT was formed, and Dizart continued with education.

Currently, our machines are working in 4 countries of Ex-Yugoslavia, 5 countries of the EU, and in the US and Australia through our distribution channels.


03 | The

Currently, the company produces more than 30 standard types of machines with each having additional features options. 

VVAT even made non-standard custom-made machines for specific customers in order to fit needs of our clients.

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