Routers  Model 2030

Router 2030

The Router 2030 is the largest machine we produce.
It is intended for medium and large wood processing companies, manufacturers of PVC and aluminum joinery and souvenir production workshops.

For the advertising industry, it is the best solution because, because of the great ability to upgrade the floor, you can practically do everything from small signage to alukobond facades on buildings.

Work Area


2050 x 3050

X - Y



2 200 - 15 000





Control Software


Features and Specs

VVA+ machines are based on following standard quality measures and details.

Machine Construction

Steel tube based construction
(4 - 6 mm thick) for base and upper gantry

10mm thick steel profile for lower gantry and side carriers

Aluminum based Z-axis and other mechanisms

2mm sheet metal for machine armor

Technical Data

Motion System - Full Ballscrew motion system

Linear rail system with 30mm size profiled linear HIWIN rails with 4 carriages per axis

Floor space requirement: 
3000 x 3000 mm

Weight: 1500 kg*
Accuracy: 0.05 - 0.1mm

Electronics and Control

Safety circuit with circuit breakers and switches

Axis motor drivers, Variable Frequency Drive for spindle

Mach3 based control board for motion control

Limit switch sensors and pneumatic control equipment


Spindle max rotation speed:
30 000 rpm

Max movement speed (G0):
5 000 mm/min Stepper
10 000 mm/min Servo

Recommended working speed:
2 000 - 2 500 mm/min


Customized Mach3 software, pre-configured and ready for the customer

PC based control, with Windows OS

Easy to use software control interface and hardware control interface

Work Materials

Other wood composites
Other Plastics





* All models are available for customization and add-ons. Check table below for overview of specs and additional features.

All models include

Heavy steel frame and consturction
(4-6mm of wall thick steel)

HIWIN rails for linear motion

Rotating ball nut on the Y-axis

Rotating ballscrew on X and Z axis

All ballscrews fully covered

Designed with transportation in mind

SMC Pneumatics

Basic Model

Stepper motor movement control (NEMA 32) 12Nm

Basic work table, requires mechanical fastening of parts

High quality 2.2kW QTC Italian made spindle, ER32, single tool

Standard Model

Stepper motor movement control (NEMA 32) 12Nm

Vacuum work table, includes two strong vacuum pumps

Custom set and change vacuum table area

High quality 2.2kW+ QTC Italian made spindle, ER32, single tool

Floating dust shoe, extraction solution is the most efficient we’ve used to date

Pro Model

Servo motor movement control. More precision and speed added to the machine.

Schneider or Delta Servo systems available. Power of each motor 750W+

Full ATC system - Automatic tool change system with 8 tools in magazine (ISO 30 tool holders).
Multilevel sensing of tool states.
Pre-program all tool offsets
Fully automated machining

High quality 4kW+ ATC Italian made spindle, with 5kW+ VFD from Schneider or Delta.

Vacuum work table with custom zones support

Floating dust shoe for dust extraction.


Custom Add-ons

Every of our machines can be customised for customer's needs. Through years of experience we've developed standard set of features that can be added on on any of our routers.

VVA+ company even developed custom, non-standard, solutions for some customers that had specific needs. Contact us if you have specific requirements, we're ready to collaborate with you!

Custom 4th rotary axis

Ideal for processing the round parts. Used for processing more complex shapes and more detailed work

Profile milling clamp module

Ideal for aluminum profile milling for joinery companies

Side clamp module

Ideal for joineries and wood processing companies. Processing of profiles on the sides that can't be reached on the work surface.

Laser engraving module

Add low-powered CO2 laser for additional engraving feature. Make your machine hybrid.

Tangential module

Add tangential module knives. Ideal solution for the advertising industry

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