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VVA+ continues tradition and excellence of CNC manufacturing from Dizart company.

Our Story

Dizart has been producing CNC machines intended for different application for the past 17 years.

The first CNC router product left our shop in 2005, the first CO2 laser in 2010, the first 3D printer in 2011, the first plasma machine in 2014, and the first laser-cutter for metal in 2015. Our client base has been steadily growing throughout our company history.

By the end of 2019, there was an initiative to create a new company that will separate CNC manufacturing from CNC education. Together with partners VVAT Company was formed, and Dizart continued with education.

Currently, our machines are working in 4 countries of Ex-Yugoslavia, 5 countries of the EU, and in the US and Australia through our distribution channels.


Years of tradition


Produced machines

Our Products

Explore our selection of advanced CNC machines created by using high-end technology and approach.


Through years of experience, we have developed a plethora of routing machines for different materials.


In a modern production process, lasers are an indispensable technological solution. 


The most economically efficient metal cutting process is achieved in terms of speed, precision and price per cut.

3D Printers

Additive manufacturing is transformative approach to production that enables the creation of lighter, stronger parts and systems.

Tangential Cutters

Irreplaceable machine for companies
in the advertising and textile industry.


Engraving machines are intended for precise engravement and cutting of non-metal materials as well as colored metals.

Milling Machines

Machines intended for general processing of material. Explore our 3-axis and 5-axis solutions.

Bending Machines

Machines for bending plexiglass materials is a very useful additon to your CNC or laser-cutter.

Robotics Solutions

In today's world of scarcity of skilled workers, robots can help manufacturers and industry by not only executing repetitive or complex tasks, but also executing them with increased productivity and precision.

VVA+ offers smart articulated robot solutions that boosts efficiency of production.

Increasing production efficiency through automation

VVA+ products and solutions increase your output gains and make your workflow efficient through automation. We offer the quality of products and quality of service through later use of the company's products.



1 year

of warranty for the machine



100 %

of our machines are still used today

> 280

Machines produced for the clients


CNC machines and industrial robots are indispensable technologies for any manufacturer today.
VVA+ quality solutions ensures paths towards modern manufacturing and Industry 4.0

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